Wednesday, July 31, 2013

More cabin fun!

We were able to spend a few days at the cabin with just Weston’s parents and a few of his brother’s families after the reunion. It rained for most of the weekend so we were glad to have blue skies for a few days. The boys’ filled their days with hiking, fort building, 4 wheeler riding, exploring, target shooting, and game playing. They were pretty much in little boy heaven. Weston even bought the older boys their own pocket knife. Carson never left the cabin without it, and luckily we made it through the week with no stitches. We ended the night with s’mores around the campfire and the boys passed out each night before their heads hit their pillows. We are already counting the days till next summer!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Last Stewart Round Up!

The Stewart family has grown so much through the years, that it was decided that this would be the last BIG reunion at the cabin. We had over 100 people attend and that was with several family members missing. We are sad that we won’t get to see Weston’s aunts, uncles, and cousins as often, but we will still have reunions at the cabin with just our family. Here are some fun pictures of some of the activities we did. This year our (Larry’s) family was in charge. Weston’s mom and Aunt Lorna did an amazing job (as usual) putting everything together!


On the first night we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and then the “little” kids went on a “star hike.” Weston’s Aunt Lorna had made the most adorable saddle bags filled with a mini flashlight and glow bracelets for all the kids. Later on, the “big” kids went on the Injun Joe “scary” hike. Weston and his brothers told a spooky story about the legend behind the man and led the kids on a booby trapped hike. Before bed Sandy made scones and hot chocolate.


The following morning Weston, Logan, and Carson were in charge of the flag ceremony. Then we enjoyed Aunt Sandy’s delicious homemade pancakes.


After breakfast Weston took Logan and Carson on the “big” hike, while I took London and Greyson on the treasure hike. The kids had to read clues that led them to their prize.


After lunch it was time for the horse races! Aunt Lorna (pictured with London) made these adorable horses. They named them after a few of Dell’s (Larry’s dad) old race horses. The kids had so much fun! Logan was neck and neck for the win in his age category, but Madison pulled out in the end for the win. Winking smile


Our niece Brooke designed these super cute neckerchiefs for everyone. They have Dell’s picture on them. After all, without him we wouldn’t have this beautiful cabin to enjoy!


During the afternoon the kids could fish for prizes in the fishing pond, make marshmallow guns, decorate leather bracelets, and shoot the potato blaster. Plus, they were collecting coins for all of the activities they participated in and could spend those in the “country store.” Needless to say they got their fill of cookies.


I love seeing how all of the kids grow and change so much. The picture on the stairs is Carson and Ty (Weston’s cousin’s son.) They were born 2 weeks apart and we have taken pictures of them at every reunion since they were babies. Ty has always towered over my pipsqueek Carson, even as infants! Winking smile



After dinner we had our program. This year the theme was “Tribute to Stewart Women.” It was fun to learn about some of the history of Weston’s mom and each of his aunts. They are truly remarkable women. I feel blessed to know and learn from them. We are sad to say goodbye to these Stewart reunions. We have made so many wonderful memories and are very lucky to belong to such an incredible family!