Thursday, March 10, 2011

San Diego (part 2) LEGOLAND!

As soon as we realized LEGOLAND was only a short 30 minute drive from San Diego we knew we had to take the boys! They are all obsessed with LEGOS...I'm sure they get that from their father! ;) Even London enjoys building with the toddler size bricks. We have enough LEGOS at our house to open our own joke! Did I mention Weston's addiction?? ;) So we got to fulfill 3 little boys' (and 1 big boy's) dream by spending the day at not just any amusement park, but one where everywhere you look there are guessed it...LEGOS!! ;)

We've arrived...HOORAY!!

Fun sculptures at the entrance!

Going on a LEGO safari ride!

London and Ethan dug for dinosaur fossils while the big boys went on the Coastersaurus!

London enjoyed his boat ride on Fairy Tale Brook seeing all the favorite fairy tales come to life in LEGO form of course! ;)

DUPLO Village was a huge play area and all 3 boys had a ball!

Having fun on Sky Patrol!

Carson is making sure all is safe and well in LEGOLAND!

They had so much fun in the Volvo Driving School!

Carson was driving on the wrong side of the road most of the time! ;)

Checking out the new LEGO computer games!

Making friends with the "beach bum!"

Sky Cruiser

Weston and the boys loved Captain Cranky's Challenge!

Splash battle was my favorite! They had big soaker guns all along the perimeter of the ride where "not so friendly" patrons can battle it out with those on the ride! Unfortunately for us Weston's brother Jon did not take mercy on us! ;)

We were already wet so we took our chances on Treasure Falls!

Making a wish at the Witching Well.

Seriously every little boys dream fun!

The Dragon coaster rocked!I may have went on it more than once! ;)

Uncle Jon, Weston, and the boys.

Land of Adventure was so fun! Everything had an Indiana Jones theme!

Dune Raiders

Cargo Ace was London's favorite ride! He laughed and squealed the whole time!

We had to stretch London pretty tall to get him on the Pharaoh's Challenge and he loved it!

We had to get a picture with the Pharaoh

A little Indiana Jones dress up!

Having fun on Bionicle Blaster!

Had to get wet one last time on the Aquazone Wave Racers!

Miniland USA was amazing! They had replicas of several cities completely made from LEGOS!

The boys are already asking when we can go back! ;)


Fran said...

Angie these are awesome pics... it looks like so much fun. My favorite is the Safari. I wouldn't be afraid of those beasts!

Andi said...

I want to take my kids to Legoland. Maybe next fall break? Looks like fun. And maybe you can give me tips on how to look adorable in all of my vacation pictures... not frazzled, tired, and ready to go home! :)

Mindi said...

Wow, I think we missed some of the park when we were there! Such great pictures. Isn't it just amazing how everything is legos! Some people must really love their job making them! Maybe a job for Weston down the road:)