Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Survival

Keeping 3 boys busy for 2 weeks straight wasn't so bad after all! We planned a ton of fun activities each week and they were lucky enough to be invited by a few friends to do some really cool stuff as well. Logan got to go on a hike at Colassal Cave Mountain Park with his friend Braydon's family and Carson got to spend the day exploring and hiking at a friend's ranch! This gave me a bit of a break...I may have snuck in an afternoon at the mall...shhh...don't tell Weston!;) What can I say? H&M was calling my name!

Several of our friends from church all got together one morning at Pump It Up. If you have one of these in your area we highly recommend it! It's basically 2 huge rooms filled with every kind of inflatable jump house/obstacle course you can imagine! They always have so much fun here!

We also spent one morning at the zoo. I love our zoo in Tucson! It's not too big, but plenty big enough to have all kinds of cool animals!

London loves the monkeys!

Petting the snake is always a fave! I pass on this one! ;)

Checking out some cool lizards!

Cute boys!


Hangin' with the monkeys!

Cool albino peacock!

The boys with their cousin Ethan...Ethan is trying to make a break for it!

Carson calls it the "stinky rhino" because last time we visited the rhino decided to "pass gas"....you can imaginge the stench! ;)

Kayla and Ethan.

The zebras giving us their best side!

Logan's best friend Isaac was sick for Logan's B-day party at Golf n' Stuffso Weston took just Logan and Isaac there one afternoon so he could get a "re-do." While the older boys were have a blast there I took London, Carson and his friend Nicholas to the Desert Museum. We love it here so much that we renewed our membership for another year! Whenever we have friends and family visit this is usually our top pick of sites to see!

Hangin' in the cave.

Do you think London's goggles are a little big?

Digging for dinosaur fossils.

These boys are such hams! They kept asking me to take their picture!

London passed out after a few hours...that's exactly how I felt when our 2 week break was over! Now it's back to a normal schedule and routine A.K.A. my happy place.


Kelly and Jill Burk said...

A two week spring break... that's awesome! Utah gets 1 week and we all must be on the same wave length. Ours is just around the corner and my Parents are coming out to visit. We are going to go to the SLC zoo as long as the weather is nice. Looks like you all had beautiful weather. I sure liked the pics of the flamingos and the beautiful white peacock!

Btw, thanks for your so sweet comment on our cabinets! It gives me a boost!

Mindi said...

I just read your last several posts. What cute pictures! Both your San Diego trip and spring break look/sound like they were really nice.