Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

We had a pretty low key 4th of July this year, since the boys and I arrived home from the cabin the night before. We just swam and grilled hamburgers. After dinner we got together with a few friends and lit off some fireworks. It was a great time!


Stewart Reunion…Cabin

After a weekend in Vegas we headed up to the cabin!


Thank goodness Alisha had the foresight to bring some craft supplies. The kids had a blast painting rocks and sticks one rainy afternoon.


London and Greyson were obsessed with the dogs!

DSC07308DSC07324DSC07312DSC07313DSC07314DSC07317DSC07318One afternoon we visited the Duck Creek ice cave. It had rained that day, so it was very muddy, which made it all the more fun for the boys of course! They loved climbing down the rope ladder!


Grandma stayed up top with Greyson.


After the cave we hiked to Cascade Falls. The trail is built into the edge of a cliff, which my boys found very cool! The views were spectacular!


Larry and Sandy with all the grandkids. We were just missing Todd’s and Brett’s kids.


Matt and Jon finished the tree fort Weston started last summer!


On our last night we had s’mores and fireworks!