Monday, April 23, 2012

It’s time for the Fair!

April is the month of the Pima County Fair. We’ve never been and I figured it was time we paid a visit. Some of you know that Weston does not do fairs. Remember this post? So luckily our friends The Tegeder’s let the boys and I tag along with their family. Outings like this are always a lot more fun with friends and it’s always nice to have an extra pair of eyes to keep track of all the kids. The boys’ had a blast so it’s looking like we’ll be back again next year!


The boys favorite part…the RIDES!



Great exhibits!


This is a live scorpion AND Carson held it!


Fantastic Petting Zoo!


Yummy treats!



What a fun night! Thanks again Tegeder’s!


Friday, April 20, 2012

I chaperoned a 1st grade field trip…and survived.

This week the entire 1st grade took a field trip to the U of A and toured the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium. They got to learn all about the constellations and see a super cool laser show! As well as visit all of the exhibits they have to offer. The kids loved it and we finished it off with a picnic on the green grass with a great view of the beautiful campus. I do have to say I have so much more respect for our fantastic 1st grade teachers…those kids are quite the rambunctious bunch!



Carson with his buddy Gage.


Boys and computers…I’ll never understand the obsession.


Room full of rocks and minerals.


His wonderful teacher Mrs. Rizk with a few of Carson’s sweet friends. Winking smile

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springs Preserve

After our Easter weekend Weston was tied up with KFC meetings for the remainder of our stay in Vegas. The boys’ and I found plenty to do and even discovered a new favorite destination. Las Vegas Springs Preserve was a hit! It was a Science/Desert museum all rolled into one. Perfect for my little “brainy” boys! Weston’s Aunt Lorna was nice enough to join us and we had a very fun afternoon!


Lots of FUN exhibits!










The Flash Flood exhibit was their favorite! Even though it did scare London a little. I think he really thought he would be swept away.



Here they are trying to put the puzzle together to recreate “Old Las Vegas.”


One section of the museum had an amazing Space Exhibit. Lots of really cool interactive games and displays. Carson now wants to be an astronaut. Winking smile


Pretty tight quarters on the space shuttle. The food didn’t look so great either. Winking smile


London seeing himself in “infrared.”

Digging for fossils.


We really enjoyed walking through the gardens and spotting all the “Trash to Treasure” sculptures.


And to cap off our day the coolest playground ever! They could have spent hours climbing and playing hide and seek in here!