Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weston's Idea of a Fair

Last weekend was our county fair and silly me, I thought it might be a fun thing to do. Then my husband reminded me that he doesn't do fairs. Why you ask? Who knows... maybe it's the toothless carnies, the smell of horse poop, or the crowds of people who sometimes may be less than friendly. I however, feel all of these things are totally worth it, for the taste of GREASY fair food! The funny thing about this, is Weston grew up in a small hick town and went to a high school that was mostly kids of farmers and ranchers. I'm quite sure he was the only one who wore nice button up shirts to school! To those of you that know Weston it probably wouldn't surprise you he got voted "Best Dressed." So Weston not wanting the kids to be too disappointed suggested we go to the Mall of America instead where as he put it..."there are fun rides with no scuzzy carnies and a much better selection in food." So of course we had a great time and I really can't complain too much because I'm a HAPPY girl whenever I have a chance to go shopping!

The boys love this ride....you basically just ride through a haunted house
and rack up points for all the ghosts you shoot. Must be a boy thing!

This ride is always a favorite...it takes you up high and you
bounce as you go down.

They remodeled the theme park and gave it a Nickelodeon theme.
So of course we had to get a picture with Pablo....their favorite Backyardigan.

Carson fell asleep on the way home checking out his new
Batman Legos. We can never go to MOA without hitting up
Legoland. I'm not sure if it's the boys or Weston who have more fun there!

Finally they picked out new costumes at Build-A-Bear.
Logan wanted spiderman so of course Carson followed suit.
He is full blown into the copy cat stage...luckily Logan doesn't seem
to mind too much...yet!


molly and geoff archibald said...

Hey Ang-
Our blog address is www.archiblogmn.blogspot.com
thanks for a fun time at the lake today-molly

Tawnya said...

Weston, I totally agree with you. Fairs are disgusting and I love the country life. A little tip though, if you ever do get stuck at a fair, make sure you bring the hand sanitizer!

Anne said...

I must admit, it was even worse than a regular bad fair...the head toothless carnie freak told us to watch out for the electric cables submerged in water. they wouldn't want anyone to get shocked!

Fran said...

Your pictures are awesome. I have to learn how to do that yet! The greasy fair food that makes my stomach ache is okay once a year, but the rest of the fair I can do without! You pack a lot into a day at MOA!!

Mari W said...

I guess I'm on my own here, I LOVE the fair!!! Where else can you eat 2,338 things on a stick & wash it all down with a ride on a Zipper??

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

You got to love those county fairs. We took Chloe last summer and missed it this year while in Cancun. But don't you worry, we won't be missing our state fair in September. Glad you guys had fun at both the fair and MOA. Oh and by the way cute build-a-bears!

Naoma SW said...

I am with Mari... I also love fairs! But Neil doesn't so if I want to go I usually go solo with the kids, (which isn't nearly as fun. Except for the MN state fair we both love that one. Looks like you guys ended up having a great time at the mall though!

Kar said...

I love how you all are always doing things. You are such a great mom.