Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final San Diego Post...SeaWorld!!

This is it! My last post about our San Diego trip (I warned you that I had a TON of pics!) So I saved the best for least it was MY favorite part of the trip and I think my boys had fun too! We were lucky enough to spend 2 fun packed days at SeaWorld! This came as a surprise...we were only planning on having 1 day there with Weston's parents and his brother and family, but when we received our vouchers they informed us they were good all week! Wahoo!! So we spent all day their on our final leg of the trip...which meant getting home at 2:00 a.m....but at least the boys slept the whole way home...almost! ;)

OP Otter greeted us at the entrance!

We loved Wild Arctic! We got to ride on a motion simulated helicopter ride that takes you all the way to the Arctic! It was a crazy, bumpy ride that had the boys laughing the whole way through! When we finally arrived we got to encounter beluga whales, enormous walruses, and polar bears! The boys also had fun playing in a polar bear den and touching a wall of solid ice (to prove we were really in the arctic.) ;)

Shark Encounter was a hit!

Journey to Atlantis was our favorite ride! We rode this one over and over!

I LOVE dolphins! It has always been a wish of mine to swim with WILL happen someday! We did get to touch them! They are such sweet, gentle animals.

Carson loves turtles and now he REALLY wants one for a pet!


The Manta Rays were so cool! One of them came clear up out of the water to say hello!

Sea Lions Live was so funny! Clyde, Seamore, and OP Otter were a hit! Of course we had to enjoy some cotton candy while we watched the show!

In the aquarium we got to see everything from a creepy octopus to a tiny seahorse!

They loved the tide pools!

As you can see they got soaked on Shipwreck Rapids...thank goodness for the "human dryer!"

Sesame Street Bay of Play was a HUGE play area!

And finally, you can't go to SeaWorld and not see SHAMU!! As always he put on a great show for us! Carson picked up a stuffed Shamu that is now his new favorite "sleeping buddy" and London wanted a walrus...hmmm go figure!

Spending our last day wearing them out worked out in our favor! Such a peaceful ride home!;)


Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Wow, what a fun trip! Enjoyed reading all your posts about your entire trip. Yeah, San Diego Rocks! I love San Diego (I want to live there)! My cousin and his family live in Carlsbad and go to Sea World once a year for free because he is in the military.

Julie said...

What a fun trip! I loved Sea World. The day we went it was so cold. Bummer. Brock and Matthew were the "volunteers" for the dolphin show. I was amazed at the power of those killer whales. So fun to see your kids growing up.