Tuesday, March 15, 2011

San Diego (part 3) Parks and Museums and such...

San Diego has so much to offer in the area of museums and beautiful parks!

Seaport Village is exactly what it's name implies. Sandy and I had a fun afternoon browsing cute little shops (seaside shops always have the BEST CANDY) and enjoying fish n' chips while watching all of the boats sail by...as you can imaging the boys loved that part!

I couldn't resist throwing in these pics of London "enjoying" a lemon...silly boy!

The Museum of Natural History was a hit! The boys got to examine real life fossils, visit some serious reptiles, and watch a 3D movie about a T-REX!

Balboa Park is where most of the museums are located so after spending the morning at the Science Museum (no pics of this...too busy chasing boys) we explored the area a bit. I fell in love with this place! You just want to pack a lunch and bring a good book and relax by the fountain. We even caught a magic show on a street corner! So fun!

I hope Logan is "wishing" for us to come back soon! ;)

The Gaslamp District downtown is another really fun area to walk around. Logan was thrilled when we came upon this HUGE chess set!

On a side note...they thought it was so cool to have bunk beds in the hotel...just like their room back home. Mom and Dad thought it was so cool that the boys had their own seperate room! ;)


Nicole said...

Looks like you guys stayed really busy! My parents lived in So. California a few years ago and I went to visit a few times, but I never saw half of that stuff. You're making me wish I had!

Mindi said...

Where did you stay? Bunkbeds and separate rooms. Nice! Looks like such a fun trip. So much to do and see!