Friday, February 26, 2016

Spider-Man Party!

 Spider-Man is Greyson's absolute favorite! He chose that costume for Halloween, and nearly everything he got for Christmas had something to do with Spider-Man. So of course that is the theme we chose for his party! It was so fun and cute. We had 6 of his little friends over for some super hero fun!

I decided the day before the party to do a city backdrop. It took forever! I should know better than to take that on the night before a party. Ha! At least it looks cute in the pictures. 

I can't take credit for this cake. Isn't it amazing?

Time for some games!

Trying to release all the balloons that are stuck in the web!

This classic game is a must for pre-schoolers!

Web Jumping. Basically musical chairs with a twist.

Greyson turns 3!

I can hardly believe our baby has turned 3! For breakfast we had our traditional confetti pancakes. Then the boys watched Greyson open his presents before they had to rush off to school. In case the pj's and wrapping paper don't give it away, he is really into Spiderman right now. Later that afternoon we watched Logan's soccer game, and then went to Freddy's for burgers and custard after. Greyson really enjoyed his Dirt n' Worms sundae! Happy Birthday sweet boy!