Monday, September 13, 2010

Golf can be fun!

The weather is starting to cool down we took the boys out Saturday evening for a little miniature golf. I have to confess...I LOVE miniature golf! There are a few courses around Tucson, but we had heard good things about Golf N' Stuff so we decided to try it out. We used our coupons from the boys' school fundraiser Entertainment book and paid half price...nice! They had so much fun and by some miracle London was perfectly content to just hang out in his stroller for the entire hour it took to do the course! I thought for sure I'd be fishing him out of the duck least his ISR courses would have come in handy! ;) With the money we saved on tickets we treated ourselves to some Gelato at FROST...which was conveniently located right down the street. A cool, delicious, scrumptious, ending to a very fun evening. Next time we're going to have to try the bumper boats and race track! ;)