Sunday, April 11, 2010


Our family had a wonderful Easter this year! It was nice having some friends in town to help us celebrate! The boys woke up bright and early to check out their baskets and it was a little strange to not be rushing off to church, but being General Conference weekend we were able to stay home. I did miss "going" to church on Easter and getting the kids new outfits and such, but this year was a little more low key. We had a wonderful Honey Baked Ham dinner with all the fixings and then after dinner we had an early evening Easter egg hunt! It was a far cry from our egg hunts in Minnesota where we had to stomp through a foot of snow! This is such a wonderful time of year to celebrate our Saviour Jesus Christ!

Looks like the boys made out pretty good this year!

Carson digging for the candy.

London's 1st Easter!

He got some cute cuddly critters.

My handsome boys!

On the hunt!

Hmmm...where could they be?

Jessica made sure that London got in on the action!

Nice hunting boys!

London has a new best friend and her name is Tawnya!

London found the Spiderman egg!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Carson!!

We had a Pirate themed party for Carson's 5th birthday! All the kid's had a great time! He was so excited to have his friends from church and school over to play! I was thrilled to have friends in town to help out. We needed a lot of extra eyes to keep an eye on the kids by the pool! I still can't believe he is 5...where did the time go?

New scooter!

Gonna need swim goggles for the pool this summer!

Logan loves the presents almost as much as Carson!


Riding the scooter.

New remote control helicopter.

I already had this cute tablecloth and just added a few pirate accessories...

Treasure chest full of treat bags...we put tattoos, gold chocolate coins, and bubbles inside. Also, each of the kids got a pirate sword and eye patch! I LOVE Oriental Trading!

Buried treasure cupcakes! Weston thought I was crazy for using real sand, but I just made sure that I handed each of the kids their cupcake to avoid any grit in the frosting! :)

Ahoy Mateys!

Us girls had fun playing the part...who new temporary tattoos could be so much fun?

We buried a bunch of fake gold coins in our sand pit and the kids managed to find them all! The boys can re-bury them anytime they want to play pirates!

"Walk the Plank" Weston built this plank and the kids took turns trying to get across to avoid getting eaten by the sharks....we had a blow up shark and alligator. Those pool toys sure came in handy!

"X" marks the spot!

Tawnya read the kids a story in her best Pirate voice! :)

She had a very captive audience!;)

Yay! More pool toys!

Cupcake time!

Enjoying some "Sea Dog Floats" AKA root beer floats!

The gold chocolate coins were a big hit!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Minnesota girls!

Oh how I love my Minnesota girls! I met my friends Tawnya, Jessica, and Lauri while we lived in Minnesota. They have all since moved to Utah for work and school. They had a quick break and came down to Tucson to spend a long weekend with us. It was so fun to have them here and to treat them to some warm sunshine. We had a jam packed weekend with Carson's birthday and Easter, but we managed to squeeze in a girls night out! I'll post birthday and Easter pics soon. Can't wait for your next visit girls!

We went out for was Lauri's 1st time and Tawyna's 2nd. I think they both liked the gelato we had for dessert better! :) Maybe now Jessica can get them to go again with her in Utah. Thanks for going to one of my favorite spots with me!

After dinner we drove around trying to find a theater that was showing "Remember Me"...I was in the mood for a little Robert Pattinson and Jessica for Pierce Brosnan...unfortunately we couldn't find one so we ended up at a cheap seats theater watching "Dear John". Channing Tatum made a nice substitute! ;)I wish the decor of the theater would have shown up in the was straight out of the 70's, but we only paid a dollar for our tickets!

Only true friends will dress up like pirate's complete w/ tatoos for your 5 year old's birthday party! :)

Soccer Studs!

My apologies if you were expecting to see some pictures of David Beckam...but these are my soccer studs! They are finished for the winter season and had a blast! So much so that we signed them both up for spring soccer (even though it will be HOT by then) I will be sporting one nice farmer's tan from all that time in the sun! :)

Logan's ready for the ball.

Nice kick!

Carson's team got really cool medals!

His team also got to have an end of season party at the park with cake and ice cream!


Logan's team with their trophies they received. They got to have their party at Peter Piper Pizza and had a ton of fun playing all of the games!

Doesn't he just look thrilled! lol