Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break Survival

Keeping 3 boys busy for 2 weeks straight wasn't so bad after all! We planned a ton of fun activities each week and they were lucky enough to be invited by a few friends to do some really cool stuff as well. Logan got to go on a hike at Colassal Cave Mountain Park with his friend Braydon's family and Carson got to spend the day exploring and hiking at a friend's ranch! This gave me a bit of a break...I may have snuck in an afternoon at the mall...shhh...don't tell Weston!;) What can I say? H&M was calling my name!

Several of our friends from church all got together one morning at Pump It Up. If you have one of these in your area we highly recommend it! It's basically 2 huge rooms filled with every kind of inflatable jump house/obstacle course you can imagine! They always have so much fun here!

We also spent one morning at the zoo. I love our zoo in Tucson! It's not too big, but plenty big enough to have all kinds of cool animals!

London loves the monkeys!

Petting the snake is always a fave! I pass on this one! ;)

Checking out some cool lizards!

Cute boys!


Hangin' with the monkeys!

Cool albino peacock!

The boys with their cousin Ethan...Ethan is trying to make a break for it!

Carson calls it the "stinky rhino" because last time we visited the rhino decided to "pass gas"....you can imaginge the stench! ;)

Kayla and Ethan.

The zebras giving us their best side!

Logan's best friend Isaac was sick for Logan's B-day party at Golf n' Stuffso Weston took just Logan and Isaac there one afternoon so he could get a "re-do." While the older boys were have a blast there I took London, Carson and his friend Nicholas to the Desert Museum. We love it here so much that we renewed our membership for another year! Whenever we have friends and family visit this is usually our top pick of sites to see!

Hangin' in the cave.

Do you think London's goggles are a little big?

Digging for dinosaur fossils.

These boys are such hams! They kept asking me to take their picture!

London passed out after a few hours...that's exactly how I felt when our 2 week break was over! Now it's back to a normal schedule and routine A.K.A. my happy place.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Take a journey into the mind of Carson....

I went to upload some pics from my phone onto the computer and found a few surprises! Apparantly Carson got a hold of my phone and decided to do try his hand at photography. I'm guessing this was in the morning since they're in their jammies...I confess over Spring Break Logan and Carson would get London out of his crib when he woke up and played with him so mom and dad could sleep in. Now we know just exactly what they were up to while we were snoozing away...

He actually got some pretty cute pics of London...of course London is quite the poser!

Gotta get all the Star Wars and knight figures lined up for battle!

Extreme close up of a horse...I think?

Venom crotch shot...nice.

Self portrait with his face smooshed on the screen...creative.

Great job Carson! I wonder what I'll find next time? ;)

Happy St. Patrick's day...a little late!

I attempted to make an "authentic" Irish dish for St. Patty's day this year. Who knew Corned Beef and Cabbage was actually good? ;) Well Weston did...his mom made this a lot when he was growing up and being the good wife that I am (insert sarcastic smirk here...) I made it for him. They called it "bubble and squeak" when they were kids. Have you ever heard of such a thing? :) Dare I say that I may end up making this on more than just St. Patty's day...the whole family really liked it! Score one for mom!

It's always nice when you try something new and your family actually likes it! ;)

Some sneaky leprechaun's dyed our chocolate chip cookies green...the nerve! At least they sprinkled them with some chocolate gold coins!

Green cookies are still delicious!

Happy St. Patty's day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blue and Gold

A few weeks back Logan went to his first "Blue and Gold" banquet for Cub Scouts. He had earned a few rewards so he was very excited for his big night! They served us taco salad for dinner and each of the boys were told to make a cake WITH their dad. Logan loved spending this extra time with Weston and their cake turned out great. Logan chose triple chocolate with crushed Andes mints sprinkled on top...YUMMY!

Their delicious cake!

Logan and his friend Braydon.

Each of the boys had to sit on a balloon and make it pop so they could read the paper inside to find out what their cheer would be. I thought it was cute that they made each of the boys feel special as they went up to receive their awards.

Brand new Bobcat! He is almost done with is Wolf already...he's a man on a mission!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final San Diego Post...SeaWorld!!

This is it! My last post about our San Diego trip (I warned you that I had a TON of pics!) So I saved the best for last...at least it was MY favorite part of the trip and I think my boys had fun too! We were lucky enough to spend 2 fun packed days at SeaWorld! This came as a surprise...we were only planning on having 1 day there with Weston's parents and his brother and family, but when we received our vouchers they informed us they were good all week! Wahoo!! So we spent all day their on our final leg of the trip...which meant getting home at 2:00 a.m....but at least the boys slept the whole way home...almost! ;)

OP Otter greeted us at the entrance!

We loved Wild Arctic! We got to ride on a motion simulated helicopter ride that takes you all the way to the Arctic! It was a crazy, bumpy ride that had the boys laughing the whole way through! When we finally arrived we got to encounter beluga whales, enormous walruses, and polar bears! The boys also had fun playing in a polar bear den and touching a wall of solid ice (to prove we were really in the arctic.) ;)

Shark Encounter was a hit!

Journey to Atlantis was our favorite ride! We rode this one over and over!

I LOVE dolphins! It has always been a wish of mine to swim with them...it WILL happen someday! We did get to touch them! They are such sweet, gentle animals.

Carson loves turtles and now he REALLY wants one for a pet!


The Manta Rays were so cool! One of them came clear up out of the water to say hello!

Sea Lions Live was so funny! Clyde, Seamore, and OP Otter were a hit! Of course we had to enjoy some cotton candy while we watched the show!

In the aquarium we got to see everything from a creepy octopus to a tiny seahorse!

They loved the tide pools!

As you can see they got soaked on Shipwreck Rapids...thank goodness for the "human dryer!"

Sesame Street Bay of Play was a HUGE play area!

And finally, you can't go to SeaWorld and not see SHAMU!! As always he put on a great show for us! Carson picked up a stuffed Shamu that is now his new favorite "sleeping buddy" and London wanted a walrus...hmmm go figure!

Spending our last day wearing them out worked out in our favor! Such a peaceful ride home!;)