Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blue and Gold

A few weeks back Logan went to his first "Blue and Gold" banquet for Cub Scouts. He had earned a few rewards so he was very excited for his big night! They served us taco salad for dinner and each of the boys were told to make a cake WITH their dad. Logan loved spending this extra time with Weston and their cake turned out great. Logan chose triple chocolate with crushed Andes mints sprinkled on top...YUMMY!

Their delicious cake!

Logan and his friend Braydon.

Each of the boys had to sit on a balloon and make it pop so they could read the paper inside to find out what their cheer would be. I thought it was cute that they made each of the boys feel special as they went up to receive their awards.

Brand new Bobcat! He is almost done with is Wolf already...he's a man on a mission!

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