Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Our 1st days together…

The one good thing about having a c-section is you get an extra day of uninterrupted baby bliss. As nice as it was to finally go home, I can truly say I enjoyed our time at the hospital. The nurses and staff were amazing in all the ways that L and D nurses are. Weston brought me Sauce, Pei Wei, and Chipotle, so I didn’t have to eat the hospital food. We had visits from grandma, grandad, and 3 VERY excited big brothers. Plus, my sweet girlfriends brought me lunch and flowers. Needless to say a girl could get used to that kind of treatment!



Monday, February 25, 2013

Introducing Greyson Cornell Stewart

Greyson arrived on February 22 at 2:39 am. He weighed 7 lbs 1 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long. His birth didn’t go exactly as planned, but that story is for another day. He is the perfect addition to our family and we are all smitten by him!DSC03630DSC03631DSC03629DSC03619DSC03621DSC03624DSC03626DSC03634DSC03635

The snow storm that will go down in the record books!

Typically in Vail we are lucky to get one snow fall a year. It’s usually about a 1/2 inch accumulation and is gone within the hour. This February we have had 3 snow falls!!! The last one was an actual blizzard and we had about 6 inches total! Needless to say the boys were in heaven! Who knew we would ever be able to build a giant snowman in southern Arizona!



Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Hearts Day!

We had a lovely Valentine’s Day this year. We started off the morning with some heart shaped pancakes, strawberries, and strawberry milk. The boys love opening their treats in their little mailboxes. The chocolate mustaches were a huge hit. I snuck in a little love note in each of their lunchboxes. Hopefully they weren’t too embarrassed to get a Valentine from their mom. Winking smile Weston bought me roses and I made him chocolate covered strawberries. Of course I ended up eating more of them than he did. 9 months pregnant remember? Finally, we were able to sneak in a date night at the Melting Pot. It was a great night!