Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Birthday, Baptism, and Blessing!

What a special weekend for our family! On Saturday Carson was baptized (on my birthday!) Weston took me out for my birthday date on Friday night so we could make Saturday all about Carson. In our church we believe that at age 8 you can be held accountable for your choices. You have the opportunity to choose to be baptized at that time. Carson was so excited to be baptized by his dad and confirmed by his Granddad. There were 2 other kids from our ward who were baptized the same day, and it was so fun to share this special time with such wonderful families. Afterwards we had our family over for a BBQ and pool party! All of the kids (and dads) had a blast swimming and doing tricks on the trampoline.


For our BBQ we had burgers,hot dogs, fries, and fruit salad. For dessert we had “Great to be 8” powdered donuts, cupcakes, and “baptized” strawberries (dipped in white chocolate.)


On Sunday morning we had Greyson’s baby blessing. He was wide awake the whole time and didn’t let out a peep. He is such a calm, sweet baby. It was the perfect way to cap off our special weekend. I’m so grateful we have family that live close to help us celebrate these milestones in our boy’s lives!


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Easter

We were so happy to have Grammy in town for Easter this year! We had a very full day. We spent our morning at church where we all were reminded of Jesus Christ’s ultimate sacrifice for us, and the power of the atonement in our lives. Also, our ward choir treated us to some beautiful, uplifting music. I’m so happy were able to start the day this way! After lunch we let the boys dig through their Easter baskets while daddy hid the eggs in the backyard. It didn’t take them long to find every last one! Later that afternoon the boys dyed Easter eggs while I got dinner ready. We enjoyed a yummy dinner of spinach pesto pork chops, fresh green beans, strawberry spinach salad, resurrection rolls, and green apple limeade. I made pink lemonade cookies for the adults to eat since the kiddos had plenty of treats in their baskets. It was a full, fun day!


^^Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be the oldest. Logan didn’t get as much time to find eggs and his little brothers cleaned up quick!


^^Don’t feel too sorry for him. He got plenty of candy and coins.


Monday, April 8, 2013

A Knight’s Tale…Carson is 8!

Carson chose a medieval theme for his party this year. What a great time we had!

The invites we hand delivered to our guests.
We did our best to make our home feel like a castle.
The Feast
All of the food was finger foods, since they didn’t have utensils back in medieval times.
The Games
“Bravery Test” The boys had to dig blindfolded in a bowl of dragon guts to see if they could find the golden dollar. Most of them ended up with various bugs and fake gold coins.
“Dragon Egg Hunt” The boy that found the silver dragon egg won a prize!
“Dragon Tag” The tail has to catch the head without breaking the chain.
“Ball and Chain” Our knights were shackled by the evil king. They have to try and pop everyone else’s balloon (ball and chain) without popping theirs.
“Slay the dragon” I loved how the boys started chanting “spill it’s guts!” Knowing of course it would be filled with candy!
You can’t hand out a bunch of swords to boys without an impromptu sword fight breaking out!
Time for presents!