Monday, April 8, 2013

A Knight’s Tale…Carson is 8!

Carson chose a medieval theme for his party this year. What a great time we had!

The invites we hand delivered to our guests.
We did our best to make our home feel like a castle.
The Feast
All of the food was finger foods, since they didn’t have utensils back in medieval times.
The Games
“Bravery Test” The boys had to dig blindfolded in a bowl of dragon guts to see if they could find the golden dollar. Most of them ended up with various bugs and fake gold coins.
“Dragon Egg Hunt” The boy that found the silver dragon egg won a prize!
“Dragon Tag” The tail has to catch the head without breaking the chain.
“Ball and Chain” Our knights were shackled by the evil king. They have to try and pop everyone else’s balloon (ball and chain) without popping theirs.
“Slay the dragon” I loved how the boys started chanting “spill it’s guts!” Knowing of course it would be filled with candy!
You can’t hand out a bunch of swords to boys without an impromptu sword fight breaking out!
Time for presents!

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Tawnya said...


You are the cutest little Mama of the Southwest. This looks like so much fun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Carson! You are getting so big. That is okay as long as you stay cute.