Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pool Party!

On Friday we had our 1st summer day that made it into the 90's, so what better way to cool off than hanging out at the pool right? 'We had a great time, but after we had been there a few hours the tornado sirens start blaring! So I'm looking around a bit concerned because we were expecting severe weather later in the day. As I'm doing this I notice not a single person seems concerned at all...they aren't even breaking their conversation! Only in Minnesota! :) We tend to have a few warnings a week and I guess I'm just not as "desensitized" as everyone else. All was fine in the end as it turns out they were just "testing" the sirens. Who tests the sirens on a day you're expecting severe weather?

My little daredevil Carson jumping to Mallory!

Someday Miranda is going to make an excellent swim instructor!

I may be biased, but he's a pretty darn cute kid right?

The "3 Amigos" Jack, Logan, and Carson

I'm not quite sure what Logan is doing with his face here..
maybe he's just over excited about the big slide we just came down?

Carson loved the "toot" he called it!


Naoma SW said...

biased or not your kids are very cute... Looks like you guys had a great time! (You guys aren't planning to go Vegas anytime soon are you?? =)We are thinking about going in early september... I know you love it there!)

Tawnya said...

Your kidos are sooo cute!!! I was in Nursery today and Carson is the life of the party in there! He is the only boy and I know he is loving it:)