Friday, April 1, 2011

Carson is 6!!

6 years ago today my vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, and charasmatic little guy came into the world! Yes that's right...he's my April Fool's baby! When he's a little older I'm sure we'll have some fun with that one. Right now I don't think he would find it very funny if we "forgot" his birthday! ;) We always let the boys choose where they want to go out to eat for their birthday and Carson chose Peter Piper Pizza! It was a fun evening and a great way to top off his day! Tomorrow we our hosting a LEGO themed party for his friends...more on that later!

We had donuts for breakfast as a special treat!

They LOVE Peter Piper Pizza...yes that's London's blurry arm in the corner...he wanted in the picture too!

Bring on the pizza!

As you can see London REALLY likes pizza!

Don't let that sauce on your chin go to waste!

Time to open some presents!


Logan gets just as excited as Carson!

We saved the biggest for last...

Another LEGO...imagine that!

A few new minifigs to add to his collection!

Now time for some rides...

The Himalaya was so fun! Weston and I took turns riding with the older boys!

It was nice that they had rides just for toddlers...London loved the twirling tea cups!

Everyone's a fan of the carousel...the best part is it's FREE!!

And finally some games...

Of course they love to win their tickets so they can go pick out some (crappy) I mean really cool toy! ;)


Naoma said...

Time flies, I swear we were both both Pregnant with Carson and Tommy... Now look at them. Looks like a fun night, you guys are such a fun family!

Tawnya said...

Happy Birthday Carson! Your Lego party is going to Rock! Wish I could be there ;)

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

That's right...! I was trying to remember who I knew that has a child born on April Fool's. My neighbor just missed having her baby girl by a few hours on April 1st this Thurs... Crazy!
Good for you and Weston on not doing any April Fool's tricks on him. I agree, too young and when he is older it will be way more fun.
I love your comment under the photo of his big gift, "Another LEGO imagine that!" Too cute!
Hey, I see that the carousel ride is free... however, I do not see pics of you and Weston riding the carousel. I know you two are kids at heart. ;0)