Monday, April 11, 2011

A Look Into The Past....

We had the opportunity this past weekend to attend a Webb Family Reunion. How lucky for us that it was held right here in Tucson! Larry's (my father-in-law) family has quite the history here! Larry's grandparents (Frank and Edith Webb) settled in Tucson in the early 1900's after being chased out of Mexico by Poncho Villa. I think Larry's mother (Lorraine) was only about 1 at the time. Lorraine was eventually 1 of 11 children! Sadly 2 of her siblings perished in a house fire when they were only 5 and 2 years old. Frank had an uncle that was a dairy farmer in Tucson, so he knew he could find work here. However, he didn't like farming all that much so he spent many years working for the railroad. Larry's father (Dell) served part of his LDS mission in the Tucson area, and that is where he first met Lorraine. The rest they say of course is "history." Sadly, Edith was killed in a terrible car accident a few years after Lorraine and Dell were married. Lorraine's brothers' were still quite young when it happened. The brother's grew up and formed the "Webb Brother's Band" with their oldest brother Wayne. They were quite popular and even performed in a few movies with Jimmy Stewart! The entire Webb family was very musically talented!

Frank and Edith Webb

Larry's mother Lorraine "Webb" Stewart

Our family enjoying our catered lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, fresh fruit, and brownies!

One of Larry's cousin's is a magician and he put on a great show for all of the kids!

He even had a few live bunnies! So cute!

They had a few activities set up for the they're making harmonicas.

Unfortunately for mom and dad they work really well! ;)

Decorating cookies!

Carson's masterpiece!

Snuggling up with dad while we listened to old Webb Family stories.

They even had a cotton candy machine!

London had to try some too!

Weston's cousin Kevin lives outside of Phoenix so he made the trip down. Logan hit it off with Kevin's son Levi!

Our niece Ashlie (who is a freshman at U of A) holding London.

All the ladies...Weston's mom Sandy, Aunt Sandy, Aunt June, Aunt Marie, and Aunt Lorna

All of the brothers....Merwin, Jan, Gary, and Larry

The siblings...Merwin, Jan, Lorna, Larry, and Gary (Their sister Sylvia passed away a few years ago.)

We had such a nice weekend and it was so fun to see all of Weston's Aunts and Uncles! We love Tucson even more after learning all about our "roots" here!


Nicole said...

That's cool that so much family history took place right where you live.

Erin said...

What a cool reunion! And a cool family!

Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

I recognize Aunt Marie and Gary. They look great. Thanks for posting.

Heather Rice said...

I appreciate this post! I wish we could have been there. Thanks for giving us a summary so that we didn't totally miss out! Hopefully we will see you at the Stewart reunion this summer!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing that little bit of family history. Looks like a really fun family reunion. Glad you went!