Saturday, April 2, 2011

Carson's LEGO-riffic Party!

The LEGO party was a hit! Carson had 12 friends over for some games, food, and fun! It was a great way to celebrate turning 6!!

The invitations...

Birthday Boy!

The table...I decided to just go with the LEGO primary colors for the theme. Much easier and cheaper too!

Our family spent the last few weeks working on putting together several of the boys' LEGO sets. It was a fun project and made great decorations for the party!

Our "building" table.

The whole crew.

For our 1st activity the kids had to build the tallest tower they could in 3 minutes without it falling down.

It was a pretty close race, but Hollis beat out all of the boys...atta girl!

Next we divided the kids into 2 teams and we had a LEGO relay race. They had to carry a LEGO on a spoon down the hallway and around the orange cone and back as fast as they could without dropping the LEGO. It's harder than it looks!

This was our LEGO guessing game.

Time to open presents!

I love how all of the kids crowd around and are so excited for Carson to open their gift. Carson got some great presents!

My attempt at making a LEGO cake. Frosting this was VERY time consuming!

Make a wish!

Cake, ice cream, and orange soda...what else could you want?

We even had LEGO candy! Everyone took some home in their goody bags as well as a minifigure hand picked by Carson and a miniature building set!

After all of the excitement, we wound the kids down with a LEGO movie shown on the projector. We don't have a screen yet, but the kids didn't seem to mind watching it on the wall! ;)

We had such a good time! Now we have to get ready to celebrate London's birthday next month! It's going to be a busy Spring!


kellie said...

WHat a great mom, and what a cool party!

Fran said...

This was a great party theme and you did a fantastic job of staying with the theme throughout the party. I especially love the cake (even though it was a bugger to frost). Carson will remember this for a long time!

Jen said...

Looks like a huge success! I love all the LEGO ideas you came up with. Very fun!

We had to cancel poor Ty's bowling party due to strep throat. We have rescheduled it for this coming Friday. Fingers crossed that he stays healthy!

Nicole said...

Your cakes turned out great! You came up with some fun lego stuff to do. I'm excited to have kid parties sometime in the future.

Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

I wish I could have been invited. (:

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

So cool, brilliant, and unique!!! Good job Angie on all the details from the cake, games, decorations, to the candy. That is certainly one awesome party.

Janelle said...

Love those cakes!

Heather Rice said...

Great minds think alike...we just threw a Lego party for Levi. I made the same cakes, so I know what you mean about frosting them. Your cakes turned out WAY better than mine! I gave up and asked Chris to finish it for me. I didn't have time to do the 2 layers of frosting, so there were crumbs everywhere! Great job on the looks they had tons of fun!