Friday, April 29, 2011

Carson's Big Day!

We are so PROUD of Carson! At the boys' elementary school every month they award one student from each grade level the "Mountain Lion Pride Award." Carson was chosen to represent the kindergarten for the month of April! This award is given to students with excelling academics and good citizenship! Our principal Mr. Chesebrough takes the winning group of students out to lunch to Quizzno's and for ice cream at DQ for their reward! Carson was so excited he couldn't wait to get to school that day! Way to go Carson!

His picture will be displayed in the office for the month of April!

Carson with Mr. Chesebrough

We are so lucky that our kids go to an excellent school where their principal, teachers, and staff care for the kids and take the extra time with them to encourage their success!

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Mindi said...

Mountain Lion Pride is always so fun! Congrats to Carson!! That is a pretty big deal. You are right, we really are blessed to have such great teachers/staff who care about our kiddos.