Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pageant

Since the boys were out of school on Friday my mom and I headed up early to Mesa so we could enjoy the afternoon before the pageant started. A friend told me about an incredible indoor playground called Makutu's! It was AMAZING!! Did places like this even exist when we were kids? Needless to say we'll be heading back again soon! You'll probably notice most of my pictures are of London since Logan and Carson ran non stop and I could not get them to slow down for a picture! I had to stay with London at all times...he's a bit of a daredevil! ;)

They even had a toddler section...unfortunately London didn't spend much time there...daredevil remember?

He did find a little comfy spot to rest for all of 15 seconds! ;)

After all that running we needed an ice cream break!

I cannot rave enough about the Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant. What a wonderful experience that was! My mom is not a member of my church so it was so nice to share this wonderful message with her on the grounds of the Mesa temple. It was awesome to see people of all different Christian faiths come together to celebrate the life of Christ and the miracle of his resurrection!

It was about 88 degrees before the sun went down...my poor mom doesn't do well in the heat, but she stuck it out!

The boys got to meet some of the cast before the show started! All of the costumes were so beautiful!

I hope to make this a yearly tradition for our family. What a perfect way to kick off Easter weekend!


Naoma said...

That is the coolest playground I have ever seen!! I also LOVE the pageant, it is an amazing production. You guys are always busy and having fun!!!

Nicole said...

That playground looks amazing! We need something like that here to help get through the long winters.