Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall is here!

Yesterday Weston had to make a quick trip to his KFC/A&W in Stillwater so the boys and I decided to tag along. There's a fun place called Sun Country Farm that's right down the street so the boys and I hung out there while Weston got his work done. There's countless cute photo ops, a duck pond, and a pretty big petting zoo. Afterwards we had some yummy rootbeer freezes at the A&W.....it pays to sleep with the owner! HaHa! I just love fall time!

I let the boys pick out spiderweb "spiderman"
pumpkins to decorate their new superhero

Gotta love petting zoos. I wonder if the chickens
know there's a KFC just down the street?

They loved chasing the ducks around...and around...
and around the pond!

Farmer Carson

The "spooky" house.

In front of the world's largest pumpkin.

It's a good thing Ron Weasely isn't around!

They had dozens of these picture boards...these
are just a few we took!


Naoma SW said...

Looks like lots of fun!! I love thefun fall stuff there is to do! That huge pumpkin is awesome... thye spider not so much! =)j/k

Nicole said...

That looks like a fun place. I'm looking forward to being able to have kids and go places like that in the future. I liked the giant spider and got a kick out of the Ron Weasley comment.

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Wow, you guys got an early start to getting into the Fall festivities. I just love those kind of places. Cute pics of the boys and the picture boards totally crack me up, love em!!!

Kar said...

That big pumpkin better stay in place or someone is going to get hurt. I love the pictures of their heads in the cutouts.

Mari W said...

Is that really the worlds' largest pumpkin?? Seriously, I'm intrigued!