Sunday, December 14, 2008

Logan is turning 6!!

We had an early birthday party for Logan on Saturday. The kids all had a blast eating pizza and ice cream cake and then topping that with some bowling and playing arcade games. I was surprised at the bowling skills of the kids (some of them didn't even need the bumpers!) Thanks again to all of Logan's friends that were able to come and celebrate his special day!

I had to get a picture of the ridiculously large bowling pin cup Logan got!

Getting ready for some yummy ice cream cake!

Present time...thanks for the great gifts everyone!

Future North Branch, MN bowling league! :)

Look at that form! haha

This is Carson's happy dance which he would only do if he knocked at least 4 pins down!

Hmmm...too many games to choose from!


Naoma SW said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!! I cannot believe that he is 6! Looks like a great birthday.

Mari W said...

Yay Logan-meister!! Happy 6th birthday buddy! Wish we lived close to you so we could party!!