Thursday, March 25, 2010

Everyone loves a visit from Grandma and Grandad!

The boys had 2 weeks off of school this month for Spring Break and Weston's parents came for a visit. They wanted to get out of the cold Oregon weather for a bit. We had fabulous weather the whole week they were here! We spent one afternoon at the Arizona-Sonora Desert was amazing!! I would have described it as more of a zoo w/ miles upon miles of gorgeous walking trails and so many places to explore. They had every kind of rattlesnake, scorpion, spider,etc. that you find in our desert. Luckily they were behind glass so that you can view them up close and personal. *trembles* Needless to say the boys were in heaven. We got a membership so now we can go back whenever we want. Weston wasn't able to make this visit with us...somebody's got to work to pay the bills around here... :) so we're already looking forward to going back with him to explore what we missed the first time around. During the summer months they stay open late in the evenings so you can go when it's a bit cooler outside and have a chance to see more wildlife roaming around. I know we will be back often!

One of the few lookouts they have through out the museum. Who knew the desert could be so beautiful?

The boys at the entrance to the cave.

This was by far their favorite had web of tunnels you could explore and get "lost" in. Plus they had a whole geological section and an actual piece of moon rock. Logan is VERY interested in outer space so he thought that was pretty cool. Maybe he'll be an astronaut someday? ;)

Sandy wouldn't be Sandy if she didn't put herself to "work" while on vacation. :) Needless to say I was having a bit of difficulty decided where to hang certain pictures and where to place a lot of my decor. This house is so completey different stylewise than any other place we've lived that it makes it a bit more challenging. Enter Sandy, who as always, came to my rescue. She really has an "eye" for decorating and I'm lucky to be able to utilize her talents. Doctors in Oregon pay her big bucks to decorate their offices. I know...I can hate me for having an interior decorator on speed dial! ;) Well we got a lot of things hung and she gave me tons of ideas on what to do with my I have to keep my eye out for the perfect pieces to finish the rooms. It's a work in progress...that's what's fun about decorating your home though right?

This is our powder room that is off of the bonus room. Before it was very bland with a cheap flat oval mirror above the sink and really ugly fixures. Weston installed a new light fixure, mirror, towel bar, and toilet paper holder. I think it turned out pretty great. Now I'm proud if guests ask to use the restroom, because I have such a beautiful bathroom for them to use!

I wanted to get a close up of our new mirror...isn't it gorgeous?

I picked out the vase and flowers we put in the corner. See I did learn a few things from Sandy! :)


Nicole said...

I love your bathroom. It's hard work moving to a new house and trying to make your old stuff work...I am very jealous that you have a interior decorator on speed dial!

Jen said...

I want to go to that zoo and use your powder room. :0) I'm glad they came to visit!