Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Goodbye Summer Break and Hello Back To School!

For the boy's last summer break weekend we filled it with tons of swimming, BBQ for dinner, and S'mores for dessert! It's hard to believe they are back in school already. We do love having year round school...just about the time they start to get bored it's time for school to start again and then they get 3 weeks off in the Fall when the weather is much cooler and we can vacation when all the hot spots are much less crowded. Plus, they get 2 weeks off at Christmas as well as a 2 week Spring Break! Not a bad deal if you ask me! =)

After swimming lessons this summer, Carson can now swim w/o a life jacket! Yippeee!

They love to jump of the bench at the end of the pool.

Such a ham!

London tried out his new floatie for the first time.

We have a ledge on one side of the pool that is shallow enough for London to splash around on...he loves it!

Time to relax!

Cooking some marshmallows for s'mores...it was a little hot since it was still in the 90's outside!


The boys spotted this heart shaped cloud in the sky! Kinda cool!

We love our sunset view from the backyard!



My big 2nd grader!

Hard to believe he's in kindergarten!

They were so excited to ride the bus!


kellie said...

Cute pics of the kids, and I am coming over for a sunset marshmallow roast!

Jen said...

I LOVE your backyard! That makes Arizona living easier to handle, for sure! :0)

Fran said...

Your family looks quite comfortable and settled in your new surroundings. Glad this house is fitting you all so well. Can hardly wait to see you in August!

Anna Marks said...

I love that awesome picture of the smores!! You are making me hungry!