Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We have a little "bookworm" and we couldn't be more proud!

All of that reading paid off big time! Logan had the most AR (Accelerated Reader) points out of the entire 2nd grade! He's flown through a dozen or more series this year including Harry Potter, Fablehaven, Eragon, Percy Jackson, How To Train Your Dragon, Spiderwick Chronicles, Diary of A Wimpy Kid and many more....any suggestions for other great "fantasy" books along this genre???


Nicole said...

That's a lot! I don't know any other series but I heard that the final Eragon book is coming out in the fall-so he can be looking forward to that. I know I am! I thought those books were really good.

Tawnya said...

Where do I begin:

Well, Peter and the Star Catchers is fun. (It is about how Peter Pan became Peter Pan.)

The Lost Hero or the Red Pyramid are also fun adventurous books.

These just might be a little to much for such a young boy but they are fun books and my sixth graders are loving them.

My all time favorite is Raymond and Graham Rule the school. It is perfect for his age and hilarious. There are three books in this series.

Logan, I am so proud of you!!!

Mindi said...

Nathan really liked the Leven Thumps books. We have all the books. I'm sure Nathan would let him borrow them. Great job Logan!!