Friday, September 23, 2011

Laundry just might be my new favorite chore...

While Weston was away on his annual 2 week hunting trip I decided to finally tackle my laundry room. I chose this project in particular because A. It was a fairly easy one that I knew I could tackle on my own...sans hubby. B. It's pretty much the only room in the house that Weston said I could do anything I wanted...well besides the guest room. Did I mention my husband is VERY opinionated about "house stuff?" C. Doing laundry for a family of 5 means I spend a LOT of time in there...may as well make it pretty right?

I used my red washer and dryer as the way it was Weston's idea to go red. Smart man! I can't take credit for the flower arrangement...that one goes to my mother in law!

This little nook was a mess before. Picture a dirty sink with various paint supplies stacked under it and paint cans lined up along the wall. I couldn't even get to the sink before. I bought the sign at Hobby Lobby a while back and have been dying for a cute spot to highlight it! A cute basket for cleaning rags looks way better than the mess I had before.

Every room needs a clock right? I found this one at HomeGoods and fell in love! Previously this wall had huge holes that had been patched up (previous owners had dogs that apparently got locked in there a lot.) With a fresh coat of cream paint it was good as new!

A fun spot to hang shirts to dry. Another Hobby Lobby find...LOVE that place!

A cute area rug so I have a soft place to stand while folding. I wanted something to bring out the red in the washer and dryer and the brown of the counter top. This one fit the bill!

A few fun accessories to fill in the space on top of the cupboard.

My RED wall...I love it! I found these fun pictures and wall hanging at HomeGoods!

The pearls on the purse and a few from the bracelet are imitation pearls. I thought that was a fun detail!

Needless to say it makes me smile whenever I go in there. That's saying a lot that I can look past the mountain of laundry on any given day! ;)


Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

Very cute. It looks great!! Will you come do mine next?

Nicole said...

Great work! I love all the counter space in there and that rug does look really comfy. I'm going to have to remember that the next time we move.

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Love it! What a great room!
You and my Mom need to join forces in Laundry... she LOVES doing laundry, I am not kidding!