Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve traditions...

Here's a few of our traditions we've started through the years...

*Making sugar cookies for santa

*After dinner we watch a video about the birth of Christ

*The boys put on their new Christmas jammies and hunt for the "pickle" ornament on the tree. The 1st one to spot it gets a prize. The prize is always a gift that all 3 boys can enjoy together to avoid any fights. Carson was the winner this year and the prize was the movie "An Elf's Story"

*A reading of "The Night Before Christmas"

*Putting out milk and cookies for santa and carrots for the reindeer. This year the reindeer got apples since we were out of carrots..oops!

*One final viewing of Santa's route on the NORAD santa website before it's off to bed

SANTA came!!

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Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Such great traditions! We too have the pj's tradition, Birth of Christ story, cookies, and The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. Love it!