Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Agua Linda Farm Field Trip

Believe it or not Carson got to go on another field trip at school. The entire 1st grade visited Agua Linda Farm. This is the place our family loves to go in October for their Fall Festival! All of the kids had so much fun learning about the animals on the farm, going for a hayride, and even harvesting fava beans (which Carson loved.) My only previous knowledge of the bean is Hannibal Lecter’s famous line from “Silence of the Lambs”….creepy guy wasn’t he?


The petting zoo is always a hit. Carson had a few goats convinced a pinecone was something delicious to eat and they would not leave him alone!



Harvesting the fava beans. All of the kids got to bring some home and Carson ate them for his after school snack…he loved them!


Learning all about the different animals on the farm and the important role they play. One thing I learned was how tough cows are.  She told us a story about one of their cow’s struggle to birth a calf. Let’s just say in order to get the calf out, they had to tie up it’s feet and attach the rope to a hitch on a truck. The poor mother had a rope tied around her and was then tied to the saddle of a horse. Picture the horse running in one direction and the truck driving in the other. They got the calf out…like I said…one.tough.cow.




We finished our morning with a picnic lunch. Perfect ending to a FUN visit!


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Fran said...

Angie, I was enjoying the story so much until I heard about the "pulled calf". Even though the cow was tough, she was probably sold or slaughtered shortly after because once a cow has trouble birthing she always will. Most farmers don't want to have a cow die in childbirth so they eliminate their risks! I'm just glad I'm not a cow!! Those beans are quite interesting - and huge too.