Saturday, October 6, 2012

London’s 1st Fieldtrip!

Yesterday London’s pre-school had their 1st field trip of the year! His class visited Apple Annie’s Pumpkin Farm. Since all of the kids were still on Fall break, most of the families brought their older kids along as well. Logan and Carson had fun playing with their friends also! It was a typical HOT fall day in AZ, so we cooled off with shaved ice instead of the traditional apple cider you typically find at the pumpkin patch.



The Corn Pit!


Covered in corn dust!


Logan followed the clues and got us out alive…phew!


All of that hard work deserved some shaved ice and kettle corn. 


Mindi said...

Such great pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time despite the heat. Gotta love AZ. No chili and cocoa or cider....snow cones!!

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Love pumpkin patches! So memorable for your cute London!