Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The cabin in the Fall

There is nothing quite like the cabin during the Fall. The weather is perfect. Cold enough for sweaters, boots, and hot chocolate in the mornings, yet warm enough to be outside and not want to come back in. We only had a few days there with Weston’s parents and Aunt Lorna and we made the most of them. We went on a few hikes and were reminded why Fall is so beautiful, and will always be my favorite season. The trees are what I miss most about Minnesota (2nd only to our friends.) The boys got some one on one with their dad playing Risk and learning the finer points of driving a 4-wheeler. I loved that they are old enough now to take off and explore and play on the fort without me right on their heels. It’s pretty much like having the most awesome backyard ever!



Nicole said...

Those trees are amazing!

Tawnya said...

What a fun place to visit. I think I need a cabin among some fantastic trees.

Jessica said...

That looks so beautiful!