Friday, February 21, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

We enjoyed a special Valentine’s breakfast and the boys checked their mailboxes for treats. There is always far too much sugar consumed, but we make an exception once in a while. While at school they each were able to exchange Valentines with their friends and brought home a few more treats and prizes. I think this will be Logan’s last year doing this…middle school kids don’t do Valentines do they? I’m in unchartered territory! Later that evening we made the kids an early dinner of mac n’ cheese (their request.) After they were dropped off at soccer practice Weston and I enjoyed a slightly fancier dinner. We could almost pretend we were on a romantic date if it wasn’t for the baby crawling under the table and the 4 year old watching a show in the next room. No matter, I sure love this life of mine and all 5 of my sweet Valentines!

valentines3Valentinesvalentines2valentines 1

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