Monday, August 11, 2014

Church Campout

Last week was our ward campout up on Mt. Lemmon. We are so lucky that after only an hour drive, we can enjoy the cooler temps on this beautiful mountain. We all had a blast (especially the kids) even though we got rained on. It was wet and muddy, but at least we got through dinner and s’mores before it really came down. All of the kids worked on several elaborate forts and the older boys built a tree swing. The next morning we all enjoyed a big pancake breakfast and the kids built mudpies and played with earthworms in their p.j.’s. Only while we are camping right? Winking smile I sure do love our ward family!


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Fran said...

How fun! It looks like the boys didn't mind the rain at all. It looks very rough. How did you ever find a flat surface to pitch your tent?