Monday, December 22, 2014

Logan turns 12!

Logan’s birthday fell on the last day of school before Christmas break. All the boys had a half day and there was a lot of excitement in the house! We had cupcakes and our traditional birthday pancakes for breakfast. It’s a good thing birthdays are only once a year! Logan has been wanting a new iPod since his old one was cracked and had hardly any memory. We told him we would get him one if he would pay for half. He was happy with that deal. He also got a new warm sweatshirt and a book he’s been wanting to read. This year was simple…a want, a need, and something to read.


I picked up Logan and some friends after school and we headed to In-N-Out for lunch and then it was off to the fancy theater for the new Night at the Museum movie. These boys were quite spoiled there, and I’m not sure they will ever want to go to the “regular” theater again. Ha!


Happy Birthday Logan!

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