Thursday, November 20, 2008

A "Wicked" good night!

Last night we were able to see Wicked on Broadway with our friends Jon, Anne, Boyd, and Kathleen! It was amazing!! I've been dying to see this show for a few years now and it did not disappoint! Not only was the music phenomenal (I highly recommend the soundtrack), but the story was so fun and clever! There were a few fun twists and surprises! I'm so thankful we had this opportunity and even more grateful for a wonderful husband and good friends to share it with!

Anne and I freezing while posing for this picture. I was a little dissapointed Weston didn't get the friendly bum who was serenading us in the pic!

Before the show we had a fabulous dinner at The Capital Grille with Jon and Anne. I think we all agreed that the cheesecake was "heaven on earth." :) We missed you at dinner Boyd and Kathleen!


Naoma SW said...

I am sooo Jealous! I want to see Wicked so badly... Someday, glad that you guys had a good time. How are you feeling bytheway?

Fran said...

What, no chicken? That cheesecake looks like a meal in itself! Glad to hear you had a dream come true. I agee... an evening with the Neus & Mannings is simply delightful!!

Nicole said...

Oh, I love Wicked! It's just fabulous. I have seen it a few times but had to go to Chicago for it (not that I'm complaining). I'm glad you got to see it! I agree about the soundtrack, I think it's really good.