Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Here's some pictures from our whirlwind Halloween weekend! First up... carving pumpkins! I like doing this outside...easy clean up!

Carson wanted a vampire...hmmm....maybe I've been talking a bit too much about New Moon lately? Logan wanted a ghost.

On Friday night our church had a huge "trunk or treat." Logan was a skeleton and Carson a Star Wars clonetrooper. London is just wearing a cute Halloween outfit...I haven't unpacked the baby costumes yet!

This is Carson before candy...I'll let you use your imagination for the after candy face! ;)

On Halloween night we went to Colossal Cave Mountain Park for their candlelight tour of the cave. They also had a Halloween Howl Carnival w/ haunted hayrides, hay maze, and jumping castle!

They made it to the end of the maze!

This was our spooky guide through the caves. It was really cool...they told us the history of the cave and we only had candlelight to guide us!

A friendly witch we saw.

The boys at the entrance to the cave...spooky!

Our horses that led us on our haunted hayride. Our favorite was the headless horseman! London slept through the whole ride...even the crazy chainsaw guy! The boys did great, they understood it was all fake and they had fun. They did snuggle pretty close to their dad though!


Anne said...

Carving outside may have been nice...but it just doesn't look right to have palm trees in the background!

Naoma SW said...

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween! So fun, love the costunes and the candlelight cave tour sounds pretty cool!

Fran said...

What an awesome halloween!! I would like to be warm on Oct 31st. We had a very fun evening at the Thomas household and saw so many cute ghosts & goblins. Sure missed your family though.

Jen said...

Looks like too much fun! I left my camera at our Halloween Party, so my post will be a little outdated! :0P

Malallory said...

I agree with Anne's palm tree comment. Whaaaa??
My deep fear of warmth in the winter aside, you guys are so cute! I'm especially a fan of the clone costume. You know, because I'm... me. :D
Love you guys!

Rick said...

It's so fun to see your blog. I love hearing the updates! I'm a terrible "blogger" so I will have to follow your lead.
I am so glad you guys are all settled...congrats! London has grown up so much! What a cutie!
Love, Marianne