Friday, October 23, 2009

1st Day of School

The boys finally had their 1st week of school...better late than never right? They were both thrilled to start and I'm enjoying not feeling guilty that I'm ignoring my children while I unpack! :) Carson goes to preschool at Logan's school for 3 hours/ 3days a week. It's so convenient that I can drop them both off at the same time and place. It's a fantastic school that has a wonderful reputation and so far we've been really pleased! We feel very fortunate that the home we fell in love with is located in such a great district!

My big 1st grader!

My cute preschooler!

So excited for their 1st day!


Tawnya said...
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Tawnya said...

Oh my gosh, they are adorable and they are getting so big!

Jen said...

They look so handsome.

Sydney went to a preschool at Summer's school too, but they closed it down before Ty got to go there. DARN IT!!!

I hope they keep having fun at school!

Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Wow, Angie your boys really are growing up. On a side note: lova, lova your pool. Nice Diggs!!!

Kar said...

ok so its been a while. I can't believed you already moved. where is the time going. Belle started preschool too she loves it. I can't believe they are in preschool. such cute boys.