Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Traveling Summer

I'm blogging...w/ pictures...can you believe it?:) Sorry for the extremely long delay between posts, but I've been busy and homeless...remember? Also, let me apologize in advance for the obscene amount of pictures in this post, but I have 2 1/2 months of catch up to do here people! I was thinking about splitting this up, but i wasn't sure where to seperate it sooooo you're getting it all in one sitting! Sit back and grab a might be here a while! haha

Our 1st stop on our extended vacay was to the family cabin in Utah for the "BIG" Stewart Reunion. We do this every other year and it is always a blast! It's so fun to get the kids together w/ Weston's cousins and their families. A whole lotta Stewarts' equals a ton of fun!

Weston and I on our hike. Weston did a pretty good job taking this don't ya think?

This is Carson w/ his cousin's little boy Ty. Believe it or not they are only 2 weeks apart in age! Jen and I have taken pictures of them together at every reunion since they were born and Ty has always been about twice Carson's size!

Carson loooooves this swing! Who knew something so simple could be so much fun!

These wild flowers are all over the mountain.

With Weston's parents at Cedar Breaks.

I love this picture! There's nothing sweeter than a daddy cuddling w/ his baby.

On our drive back to Vegas we stopped at Zions National Park.

This is how we spend most of our time in Vegas!

The boys and I then headed to Oregon while Weston went to work in New Mexico.

Here I am w/ my dad and brother and all of our kids.

My mom w/ London.

While there I got to see several of my favorite girls from High School! Haven't we aged well? :) We had several dinners together and my favorite was our "mom's" slumber party! Miss you girls already!

While we were there my mom celebrated her 60th birthday! I hope I have her beautiful skin when I'm that age!

My mom and I took the boys to a county fair. Needless to say it made us REALLY miss the Minnesota State Fair! Not to sound snobby, but once you've had the best it's hard to go back! The boys just assumed that all fairs were supposed to be the size of a small city! Needless to say they still had fun!

After 5 weeks in Oregon we headed back to Vegas.

My friend Jen was in Vegas for the weekend so we went out to P.F. Changs...yummmm!

We decided that instead of spending the week in the hot Vegas sun we would head back to the cabin and see the fall colors. I had to get my leaf peeping in since I missed my Minnesota fall. Have I told you just how much I LOVE fall in Minnesota?

On the way there we stopped at this fun museum in St. George.

Here are some fun pics from our hike at the cabin. The aspen trees were beautiful!

London is snug as a bug in a rug!

On our last day in Vegas I put London in the pool. Surprise! He loved it. I guess he's going to be a fish just like his big brothers!

We spent a few more days in Vegas was finally time to head to Tucson!! It was a fun, crazy, busy, few months and I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend w/ family and friends. However, it is sooooo nice to have a home again and just stay put for a while. I need a vacation from my vacation!!



Jen said...

Angie, You are so beautiful! Every picture of you proves it!

Ty sure does love having a friend to hang out on the 4-wheelers with. Those boys will be dangerous in their teens! SO CUTE!!!

Glad you are finally 'home'! We're so happy for you guys!

Nicole said...

Wow, that was a long summer! It looks like a lot of fun though, and worth it when you get to see so many family and friends. Have fun settling into your new home, that's a adventure all in itself.

Fran said...

Minnesota misses you too, not just in the fall! Isn't it fun to see different parts of America in all the different seasons? You will find so much enjoyment no matter where you are. We LOVE your family & miss you all!