Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Happening

This weekend the other grade school in town hosted a "Halloween Happening"...which basically is a really fun carnival/fundraiser for the school. Our school does a similar event every spring called the "Spring Fling". I'm glad the 2 schools space out these events so we can enjoy both of them each year! This was our 1st time attending the Halloween Happening and I'm so glad we went! They went all out with so many fun carnival games, rock climbing wall, jumping castles, obstacle course, pony rides, yummy catered mexican food, delicious treats, and our favorite part...a very scary, spooky haunted house! Seriously, I was pretty impressed with it! It was a great evening to spend together as a family and I think we'll try to make it an annual tradition. Plus, it's always nice to know you're supporting local schools!

FREE balloon animals!

They love jumping castles...then again what kid doesn't?

All that soccer practice is showing...both boys scored in the soccer shoot out!

Logan was an animal at Balloon Darts! He popped 3 in a row!

London cooling down with a snow cone...yes it really was warm enough during the evening to enjoy a snow cone. Crazy I know!!

Can't go to a carnival without having cotton candy!


Kelly and Jill Burk said...

That does look like a ton of fun. What an amazing event for you guys to attend. By the way, both the snow cone and cotton candy look so yummy... making my mouth water!

Mindi said...

We have never gone to that. We even had a kid at the school one year. Looks like we have been missing out! It is funny to think that a snow cone would be refreshing for Halloween. I still (after 5 years) forget how great it is to trick or treat without winter coats on!