Monday, November 1, 2010

May The Force Be With You.....

This year the boys wanted to do a Star Wars theme for their pumpkins. Easier said than done! It was a lot of intricate cutting, but they turned out fantastic! Good thing Weston is an artist...I usually let him take charge of the carving while I'm in charge of picture taking and cleaning up! I did carve the "Star Wars" logo pumpkin for London and I'm sure London probably could have done just as well himself. In my defense I did free hand it! ;)

Getting the guts out!

London had the smallest pumpkin, but the most guts!

Poking holes to make the pattern.

You can start to see the picture.

Very carefully carving along the pattern.

The finished product!

Logan did Anakin, London(me) Start Wars, and Carson had the Clone Trooper...I think they turned out great boys! Good Work!


Jen said...

Wow! Very good work. We had fighting and screaming at our house over the pumpkin carving. Not as glamorous as yours. :0)

Mindi said...

Those are awesome! They turned out great!

Tawnya said...

they did turn out great! Excellent job on the Logo.

Janelle said...

Very impressive! Those are really hard to do!

Anna Marks said...

O.k., those pumpkins are really cool!