Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our zoo rocks!

With our summer break winding down we decided to make one last visit to the zoo. It's a great way to spend a few hours in the morning and every time we visit we see the animals do something new! Finding activities that entertain all 3 boys is not always that easy...but the zoo always fits the bill!

Feeding the giraffes is always a hit!

Peacocks roam the zoo grounds!

We usually wear our suits so whenever we get too hot we head over to Kenya "Get Wet"

We even have a very artistic elephant!

A few more of our favorite animals at the zoo...

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Mindi said...

We do have a great zoo! We had a pass the first year we moved here and I loved it. It made it easy to just drop in a say hi to our favorites (otters and polar bears) and not feel like I lost out on money. It has been a while. I guess we need to go back. I haven't seen the black bear out playing ever! We did see a really good tiger fight one day though. That was a little scary. Cute pictures as always Angie!!