Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Girlfriends. What would we do without them? We may love our husbands/boyfriends dearly, but lets face it, NOTHING takes the place of a good GIRLfriend. I'm fortunate to have made many over the last 34(gasp!) years. I was lucky enough to have a little girls night getaway (arranged by 4 VERY sweet husbands) with some very lovely ladies who I'm glad to call my friends. We had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, a little shopping of course, hot tubbing at our fancy hotel, dessert in our p.j's, girl talk till the wee' hours, mani/pedi's the next morning, and finally yummy lunch to round out our trip. I'm thinking we need to make this an annual thing...Are you listening husbands?? :)


Andi said...

Those are GREAT girlfriends...and I'm glad all of you had such a good time.

Loved all your Valentine goodies and cute notes. I have a hubby who loves getting that kind of stuff too!

Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

Good times. We need to do it again soon.