Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cub Camp Fun!

Logan was able to spend 2 days up at “Camp Lawton” on beautiful Mt. Lemmon for Cub Camp! I volunteered to drive the boys up on day 2 and spend the day with them. I had so much fun hanging with them! I learned the most in the hour car ride up and back. One topic they chose to discuss. Who had kissed a girl…what?! For the record moms, none of our sweeties have yet been kissed (big sigh of relief.) Also, they have a pretty wide range of music taste. Everything from Adele to 80’s rock. It certainly wasn’t a quiet ride to say the least! They are such a good group of boys. Logan is so lucky to have such great friends!


Our crew!


Learning the fundamentals of chess and marbles.


Painting walking sticks


Boy rule # 1: If you see a big rock you must climb to the top.


Practicing their drawing skillzzz in pictionary.


We learned all about “Geo Cashing.” Boy rule #2: Any activity involving GPS is super cool.


Boy rule #3: Capture the flag is a right of passage.


Putting the photography skills they learned on Day 1 to use while capturing the elusive and highly dangerous “Mt. Lemmon carniverous penguin.”


Boy rule #4: Target shooting is the BEST!


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Troy and Nancee Tegeder said...

Cool gun picture. Maybe Weston should take you hunting.