Sunday, March 10, 2013

Watching an NBA game in style!


Every once in a while Weston is given FREE tickets to an event by our KFC advertisers. We lucked out and were given 4 tickets to the Phoenix Suns-Houston Rockets game in Phoenix. We only had 1 day notice and the boy’s just happened to have the day off from soccer. Weston brought his dad, Logan and Carson with him. London and I were bummed we couldn’t go too, but Weston promised us the next time! They knew the seats would be good, but were so surprised to find out they would be in a box suite! Wow talk about spoiling the boys’ for their 1st NBA game! They had tons of room to move around and be kids and there was FREE food! There was an unlimited supply of  hotdogs, chips, cookies, and soda. Weston loved that they had their own private bathroom. A huge plus when you’re anywhere with kids! I’m so thankful our boys’ were able to have this experience with their dad and grandad. I’m sure they won’t soon forget it!



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Tawnya said...

That looks like so much fun. Lucky little boys. (I really can't believe how big they are getting.) I think a box seat is the next best thing to court-side. If you ever need someone to go with you to a game late me know. I would drive the 10 hours.