Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas came early!!

This room in our home has been "emty" since we moved in since our couch and arm chair are currently in the "bonus" room. That's what we call it's a family/t.v./play/soon to be theater room. So I've had this huge beautiful room with nothing to put in it. This room is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. I couldn't even offer guests a seat when they came over! The kitchen table is just not that cozy! :) Well when we were back in Oregon for Thanksgiving we stopped into this fabulous home decor store that Weston's mom works at on occasion called RJ Classics. They had this beautiful couch and ottoman on an incredible sale! It was just the style we were looking for so I figured it was meant to be! lol The best part of the story is the beautiful area rug we got for free!!! It was damaged at the store and has a small tear in one of the corners, so the store owner asked if Sandy knew anyone who would want it. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! The colors match everything perfectly...again must have been meant to be! So long story short Weston and I bought each other living room furniture for each other for Christmas! It just arrived yesterday and I'm so glad we got it in time for Christmas! Now we don't have to sit on the cold, hard tile floor to open presents! :)

I love seeing our family stockings hanging all together on the mantle!

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Nicole said...

It looks really nice. Hope you guys have a nice Christmas.