Sunday, December 20, 2009

Logan is 7!!

My baby is 7 years old now!! I guess I can't really call him my baby anymore huh? :( The boys got out of school early on Friday for Christmas break and Logan wanted to spend the afternoon at the Tucson Children's Museum for his birthday. They had fun, however when you have the St. Paul Children's Museum to compare it too...there is no comparison. You just can't beat the anthole tunnel maze at that one! It was quite a bit smaller, but what they did have the boys really enjoyed. They're both already asking when we can go back again!

When did they get so big?

To my friends in Minnesota who are reading this...yes it was 73 degrees on Dec. 18th! We're still getting used to it!

Learning about electricity.

Doing a little grocery shopping.

Rope maze.

Trying out Dance Dance Revolution...I'm thinking we need to get that for our Wii!

Attempting the rock wall in flip flops!

The biggest game of operation we had ever seen!

Carson's favorite part...playing a vet.

He loves dogs...even the stuffed ones! To bad Logan's allergic!

For Logan's birthday dinner he wanted to go to RA. How many 7 year olds do you know that pick a sushi restaurant for their birthday? :) He loves the edamame, lobster spring rolls, and chicken on a stick. The last time we were there he had sushi and loved it...too bad he broke out in hives later! At least he can enjoy the appetizers!

The sushi restaurant is located at this really nice outdoor shopping mall. That evening they turned the courtyard into a "winter wonderland" or as close to one as Tucson can get. They had snow machines blowing snow down on the crowd for about 30 min. It was fun, but nothing like the real thing of course! ;)

The morning of his birthday...time for presents...FINALLY!

Super Hero Squad for the Wii...all he really asked for!

Every little boy needs a little Calvin and Hobbes in their life. He read the entire book that day...mind you it's 254 pages. Have I mentioned how much he LOVES to read?:)

I Spy Game!

He loves getting his own money!

Looks like he made out pretty good...and Christmas is right around the corner!

Yummy french toast breakfast!

Finally you can't have a birthday without cupcakes....chocolate with cany cane sprinkles...Mmmmm....and peppermint ice cream on the side!

Make a wish!

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday, Logan! Looks like you were spoiled, which you should be!!!