Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a wonderful time this year. It was our 1st Christmas in our new home and it was so fun making new memories with our family! This year we had Weston's brother Jon, Kayla, and their baby Ethan over. We started the day bright and early w/ presents and then had a yummy brunch of homemade banana bread, chocolate croissants, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit (because we needed at least 1 healthy thing), and Godiva hot chocolate! Later that evening we had a HUGE ham feast w/ all the yummy fixings! I even made Weston's mom's famous homemade rolls and even Jon said they were really good. That's saying a lot since those of you who know Jon, know how picky he is! ;) Finally we ended the day w/ chocolate pie w/ graham cracker crust and various cheesecakes! It was delicious! It was very different this year looking out the window at sunshine and palm trees, but I realized that having a "white Christmas" doesn't matter and the Christmas spirit finds you no matter where you live. What's most important is being with your family and remembering what this day truly represents...the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Santa brought the boys Superman and Batman chairs to match the bedding in their room.

Santa brought London this really fun exersaucer! He loved it!

Carson got this really cool nerf gun that has a red laser sight! Dangerous!

When we were back in Oregon this past summer, Carson was on this kick that he wanted a white baby goat that he would name Carson. He would talk about it all the time and my mom and brother thought it was hilarious! Well my mom found this Webkinz baby goat and got it for him. It's his new best friend and has replaced "dino" as his animal of choice to sleep with!

While Carson was on the goat kick, Logan said he wanted a sheep. Must be all the farm animals around Weston's parent's house! So mom found him a webkinz also!

My house has been taken over by LEGOS!! It doesn't help that Weston has just as much fun putting them together as the boys!

Grandma and Grandad got the boys these really cool Zero Gravity cars that drive on walls!

Pretty cool!

Jon, Kayla, and Ethan

London spent most of the day in his exersaucer since I was busy cooking. Santa was a lifesaver!

London and Ethan

Ethan is 3 months younger than London, but they're the same size! Here's a series of photos of London pretty much mauling him!;) He loves his cousin!

All the boys...we're so glad to finally have another boy cousin in the family!


Kelly and Jill Burk said...

Love your post Angie! I love how you mentioned that no matter where you are, the Christmas Spirit will find you. So true! Also we too drink the heck out of Godiva hot chocolate except we do it during the summer not the winter. I will pass you my most decadent frozen hot chocolate recipe. A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
P.S. Kelly was curious to see the background of your photos of your new home. I showed him the photos of your boys by your pool. We both say "beautiful and lucky ducks!" He wanted to know if that is desert just outside your backyard?

Tawnya said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you have a great New Year! We miss you :)

Kar said...

Glad Santa was good to you all. Love the couch and rug of course. I love the zero gravity cars. Bowen would love that. Take care.