Monday, May 17, 2010

What happens when.....

You leave Logan and Carson alone in their room for 20 minutes and think to yourself "Awww...they're playing so nicely together let's see what they're up to?"

You can see Logan's head peeking our from the "fort" they built on Carson's bed. Too bad cleaning up the mess isn't nearly as much fun as making it! :)


You leave London on the bathroom floor happily playing with your hairbrush for 30 seconds while you go to your closet that's only 10 feet away to put a shirt on?

Sadly I only got to wear that beautiful OPI color once...:(


On a side note, check out Carson's awesome battle wounds he received in Saturday's soccer game!

When I dropped him off at school this morning I told him that chicks dig scars and he just rolled his eyes at me!

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