Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Target addiction...seriously it's a problem...

Yesterday London and I headed out to run my Saturday afternoon errands while the big boys stayed home with daddy to play in the pool. On our agenda Batteries Plus (gotta get a new rechargeable battery for that baby monitor so little man can sleep in his nursery again!), Target ( in need of a good picnic/outdoor blanket for London to crawl around on at the big boy soccer games), and finally the grocery store. All went well at the battery store and then Target sucked me in once again. Am I the only one out there that can spend an hour just perusing the aisles? What is it about Target that we women find so appealing? Anyway, I was disappointed that there where no picnic blankets to be found....however I did find a wonderful memory foam topper for our mattress (our old one was destroyed in the big move from Minnesota), and they had their extremely cozy microplush blankets on sale...I couldn't resist picking up a cream one for our guest room, and my favorite...Smith and Hawkins has these cute little flower pot kits. Everything you need to grow beautiful daisies is included...and the pots are adorable! I thought it would be the perfect centerpiece for my table on the back patio. Luckily I have 2 weeks until the next soccer game to find the perfect blanket. We arrived home and Weston made us all dinner. As long as he can cook it on the grill he's game to make dinner anytime...lucky me...and he even does the dishes! ;)

My shopping companion...could he be any cuter? :)

On our menu: Teriyaki glazed chicken w/ rice, fresh grilled pineapple, and potstickers....yum!

Is there anything sexier than your man doing the dishes? If only all guys realized this little secret! ;)


Kelly and Jill Burk said...

It's so true, Target is the most addicting store! So no, you are not the only one Angie. :0D

Nicole said...

I think I got the same pot of daisies! I think they spray something addicting into the air.